The 4 Factors To Weigh When Choosing Elder Care For Mom Or Dad

Your loved one is adamant about maintaining their independence — as he or she should be. And while 24/7 nursing care is not yet necessary, you’ve recently begun to (or maybe had cause to) wonder what options are out there for the next 3-10 years.

Big or small?

Those giant nursing and assisted living facilities may be the right choice for some. But at By The River, we don’t just rent you a bed. We invite your loved one to be a part of a family-oriented, wholesome-living home. With only 10 residents, this is far more personalized than an institutional assisted living facility.

Does it feel like home?

You would open your own home, of course, if you could. But here, your beloved senior will live with peers — others at the same stage of life, dealing with the same issues as they look toward the future. Together, our residents forge those strong, lasting bonds that naturally arise from living in a small group, bonds that quite soon impart a true sense of belonging, family, and home.

Just like your home.
But theirs.

Personal connections. Meaningful care.

Unsurprisingly, those meaningful connections extend to our warm, thoughtful caregivers as well. Every single day, your loved one is guaranteed to receive tender, compassionate support with the activities of daily living, so they can thrive not just in body and mind, but also socially and emotionally. Best of all, there’s no hiring or management headaches, as our highly trained staff are personally managed by a 27-year geriatric nurse, and provide a consistently higher quality of loving care than is possible in a larger institution.

Is it affordable?

We try very hard to find the right resident to fit into our little family, and we know this may not be an easy decision for you or your beloved senior. But one thing that can help is the surprisingly low cost — especially in comparison to alternative options. As a quick online search shows, an in-home caregiver can average $220-240 per day ($6,000-7,000 per month) plus all the regular home expenses. And assisted living and nursing facilities can start upwards of $8,000-10,000 per month.

So when you consider all of the ways your loved one will benefit — the highest quality of care, built-in companionship, and a true home environment, not to mention predictable budgeting and tasty meals they no longer need to cook — the choice may not be so difficult after all.

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